Skylight Telescopes

We supply aluminium and brass tubes to Skylight Telescopes, a real gem of a company who design and manufacture bespoke Victorian refractor telescopes.They are made and assembled in Southwest London by the talented Richard Day. Skylight aim to create a traditional aesthetically beautiful Victorian telescope fused with modern day engineering.

Skylight initially started as a place to buy antique, vintage astronomy artefacts. However Richard Day says all changed in 2009 when he felt the Victorian refractor was "too beautiful an object to leave behind" and he started designing and building them himself.

The aluminium tubes that Forward Metals supplied are used to make the countercell and also for the main body of the instruments. The brass tubes are hand rolled and make the brass finger (the small telescope on top).

In 2013, Richard Day's telescopes were featured in the Wall Journal & Astronomy Magazine.

If you wish to enquire about these beautiful pieces of unique engineering, scopes you can check out Richard's website at or call Richard on 0771 889 7774.

Skylight Telescopes