Anna Fafaliou

Anna Fafaliou - Artist

Anna Fafaliou is a conceptual artist who mostly works in the colour white. Anna has used our Aluminum Bright Sheet to create a series of pieces for her Not Formed Yet exhibition.

Not Formed Yet is a series based on the distortion of objects creating new shapes and forms in order to question the relationship between body-space-object. The colour white has been a significant aspect of Fafaliou’s work as it refers to the neutrality beyond the materiality and individuality of the object.

With simple minimal lines and sharp cuts, the artist frames the movement to her sculptures giving them an abstract identity.

Inspired by the notion of memory and visual perception she is experimenting with a variety of materials including metals. Fafaliou's last conceptual work is materialized through the existence of the metal in various forms.

Her work Not Formed Yet and Surface refers to the physicality and ephemerality of the material creating a dialogue between the space, the object and the viewer. The manipulation of the object leading it to its final form shows the mutually shaping process of human identity and urban space.

(Concrete Matters Catalogue, written by exhibition curator Christina Makri)

Anna Fafaliou - Artist

Anna Fafaliou - Artist