What does SWG mean?

It stands for ‘Standard Wire Gauge’ and is a unit of measurement often used for the thickness of tube walls. You can find more about this on our Sizing page.

What are your tolerances?

Our standard tolerance on our custom cuts is +/-2mm. However, we usually cut with greater accuracy by default. If you need even greater accuracy, please contact us.

Can you bend my sheet? Drill my rod? Punch my tube?

As a stockist, we don’t offer any light fabrication services but we often know a man that can. Contact us and let us know what you need.

I need to fit a tube inside another tube...

We are happy to advise on all your telescoping needs. Please see our sizing page.

May I pop in?

We’d be happy to see you. See our contact page for address details. We always advise a quick phone call before collecting an order in case of any stock issues.

I'd like to buy lots and lots of metal. Do you offer a discount?

Give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

Can you cut the aluminium sheet with scissors?

You can cut the thinner gauge sheet, up to 0.7mm with tin snips or a good, strong pair of scissors.