Aluminium Sheet

Aluminium Sheet is one of our most popular and versatile products. Being strong, light and having an excellent resistance to corrosion, it is commonly used in many light fabrication projects such as vehicle panelling, kitchen fitting and artwork along with larger industrial applications in defence and transport. Our 0.5mm sheet can be cut with strong scissors or tin snips.


Mill finish. This is an 'unfinished' product, which means there has been no post-manufacturing surface treatment and is simply the bare metal. We coat one side of the sheet with a thin film of easily peeled plastic to protect it. However, the non-coated side of the sheet may have some light scratching caused by general warehousing and transport. If aesthetics is important in your end application, you may want to consider a finishing process such as painting, polishing or anodising.


To learn more about the grade of your chosen size, please see our grade/specification page. This information should help if you intend to carry out general fabrication work such as punching, bending and welding.


You can choose sizes online up to 1m square, but we do carry this product in large sizes. These are not advertised online due to delivery implications. If you do require larger sheets however, we may be able to accommodate so please do get in touch.

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