Brass Square Bar

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As our Brass Square Bar can be easily polished, it can be used in art work, jewellery or other decorative applications.

One thing it is very popular for is furniture making as it can be polished and used as trims.

Due to it’s good machining abilities it is quite popular with model makers and engineers.

CZ121 Brass also offer good conductivity and is often preferred to be used in electrical work.

It is very resistant to corrosion so can be used in oily or wet conditions

Brass is an item that can be easily polished to a decorative finish.

Although these bars are in grade CZ121, other grades are available, please do get in touch

The grade of our brass rod is CZ121/CZ121M also known as CW614N . You can find out more about this on our grades help-page.

Mill finish. This is an ‘unfinished’ product, which means there has been no post-manufacturing surface treatment and is simply the bare metal. You may find some light scratching caused by general warehousing and transport but there should be no deep gouges or deformation. If aesthetics is important in your end application, you may want to consider a finishing process such as painting, polishing or anodising.

You can choose sizes online up to 3m. These are not advertised online due to delivery implications. If you do require longer lengths however, we may be able to accommodate so please do get in touch.