Aluminium Plate


More Information

The aluminium plate is to be provided in grade 6082T6.

6082T6 is known as a general engineering grade and a structural alloy.

It can be known under other names such as HE30, AA6082, DIN 3.2315, EN AW-6082, ISO: AlSi1MgMn and A96082.

6082T6 is both strong and light with excellent corrosion resistance.

T6 refers to the temper of the alloy which has been heat treated to artificially age it.

Of the 6000 series, this has the highest strength.

It is used in a wide variety of applications such as hobbyists, art work, transport industry, machine parts, bike and motor bike making, furniture making – just to name a few.

6082T6 is easy to weld and is often used on building projects, car & van repairs, also trucks & trailers.

6082T6 has replaced 6061 in many uses as the addition of Manganese has helped to control the structure of the grain which has resulted in a stronger alloy.

Our material is suitable for machining, polishing and powder coating.

Other grades are available, if you need a different grade, please do get in touch.

Aluminium plates 5mm and above are supplied in grade 6082T6.

To learn more about the grade of your chosen size, please see our grade/specification page.

Mill finish. This is an ‘unfinished’ product, which means there has been no post-manufacturing surface treatment and is simply the bare metal. You may find some scratching caused by general warehousing and transport but there should be no deep gouges or deformation. If aesthetics is important in your end application, you may want to consider a finishing process such as painting, polishing, anodising or machining.

You can choose any size you need for your application from 25mm square up to 2500mm x 1250mm.

Other plate sizes may be available on request