Custom Cuts

Our popular cutting service allows a number of free cuts depending on the material size. Thereafter, there is a small charge per cut. This is calculated upon checkout using our new custom cut checkout tool. More on this below.

Custom cuts checkout tool

Since we introduced our custom cutting service back in 2008, it has become very popular. Nevertheless it isn’t without its hazards. Receiving early morning telephone rants of how we’ve managed to turn a 2 metre bar into 2000 pieces of 1mm thick slices is never the best start to the day. We all make mistakes but we generally like to think we get it right. The reason for most cutting errors is the way we used to receive the requests through a basic customer typed message. That missing zero has often resulted in a tongue-lashing for us. Which is why we developed our new custom cuts tool which should guard against most of the usual errors. However, If you are unsure when checking out, please do contact us as unfortunately we cannot accept returns for custom cut orders.

Custom cut Metal

A bit of small print

We all hate the small print, but don’t be put off. In the spirit of “measure twice, cut once” – we only need to point out four tediously obvious points:

  • We are always happy to replace or refund your order. However, if bespoke cuts have been applied, we cannot accept any returns unless we have made an error. Therefore, please do make sure your measurements are correct before ordering.
  • We sometimes receive requests to cut down along the length of a tube or bar. We do not have the facility to carry this out and can only cut across the width to bring the bar down to a required length.
  • We endeavour to cut as accurately as possible. However, we are not precision engineers and generally, unless specifically asked, our tolerance is +/- 3mm. If greater accuracy is required, please do contact us and we will put our specs on.
  • When cutting bar or tube, due to the saw blade width, each cut causes a small loss of material from the length (about 4mm). Therefore, if you need a length cut into many pieces, please take this into consideration for the final cut length. This does not apply to sheet or plate. Our new custom cuts tool upon checkout does account for this and should help to avoid errors.
custom cut metal online